The Global Data Barometer is currently seeking independent civil society, research organizations and international organizations to act as regional hubs for the first edition of the Global Data Barometer (2020–2021).

The Global Data Barometer, a new study of data for the public good that builds on the foundation of the Open Data Barometer, will be organized through a network of regional hubs.

To partner with us as regional hubs, we’re looking for independent civil society and research organizations with experience in one or more of the following fields: open data; open government data; data for public good; the use of data for monitoring or evaluating public service delivery; training or capacity-building around the use of data; the use of data to create socially valuable applications; or promoting the use of data among governments, CSOs, private sector, the developers community, or in investigative journalism. Ideally, organizations should be well-known not only in their respective countries but also regionally.

Thank you for your interest in the Global Data Barometer! If you would like your organization to be considered as a host for a regional hub, please fill out the form below.

As key partners of the Global Data Barometer, regional hubs coordinate the research process across their region, produce regional reports, and support dissemination of GDB research. GDB supports hubs in analyzing regional data and producing relevant regional outputs.

Regional Hubs Responsibilities:

-Advising on study methods and metric design to ensure regional relevance

-Appointing a regional research coordinator

-Recruiting and contracting with country researchers

-Recruiting and contracting with regional reviewers

-Coordinating the country-level survey

-Carrying out regional peer review of results

-Producing regional analysis

-Facilitating dissemination of regional, global, and thematic reports

The core Global Data Barometer team will provide:

-Training and guidance for regional coordinators and reviewers

-A robust survey platform for managing the survey process

-A globally comparable set of indicators to survey

-Collation and analysis of secondary data

-Early access to raw survey data and overall analysis

-Report templates and online publication tools

-Communications support for dissemination of findings

-Fundraising support for both the research phase and the 2021 dissemination phase

-Long-term opportunities for engagement and collaboration on future editions of the Global Data Barometer

A full description of hub responsibilities can be found  here.

Interested organizations should submit the Expression of Interest Form by September 7, 2020.

If you are interested in being a country-level researcher, please fill in the  following form.