Later this year the Global Data Barometer will be seeking country researchers. They will be responsible for completing a detailed survey that looks at policies, practices, datasets, and research related to the governance, capability, availability, and use of data in a single country. Responses will be peer reviewed, with researchers asked to respond to reviewers’ feedback and update responses as appropriate.

The Global Data Barometer will combine primary and secondary data sources to provide comprehensive and comparable metrics on data for public good across 100+ countries, and to collect in-depth information on the state of data governance, capability, availability and use.

You can find a more detailed specification here.

The process will involve desk research, and may involve carrying out key informant interviews. We anticipate this taking 10– 20 days of effort (depending on the specific country and the researcher’s experience) over a 1.5 month period in early 2021.

Our regional hubs select country-level researchers. The details you provide here will be shared with the relevant regional hub, which may subsequently ask you to provide a full application. .