Mapping the landscape of data for public good


Understanding the policies in place to enable a trustworthy public data ecosystem.

Mapping the effectiveness of the current legal frameworks for data protection and data release.

Which countries have the foundations in place for responsible and effective data collection and use?


Mapping capabilities of governments, civil society and the private sector to collect, manage, share and use data.

Understanding how data is being shared, open and used in different contexts.

Which countries are ready to realise the benefits, and manage the risks, of the data revolution?

Data Infrastructure

Assessing the availability, openness and features of a wide range of public data. 

Understanding the state of national data infrastructures, and key areas for improvement. 

Which countries are ensuring that high quality public data is available and usable?

Use and Impact

Evaluating how far public data is being put to use to deliver social goals. 

Tracking positive and negative impacts from data collection, sharing and use. 

Which countries are making the most of their public data resources? 

Taking a global view

A network of regional research hubs and country expert researchers.

Delivering evidence across language and cultural boundaries.

A globally relevant indicator set, with a rigorous methodology.

Providing actionable insights

Designed to meet the needs of policy makers, practitioners and researchers.

Generating comparable data, backed by qualitative evidence.

data for Public good

Are countries making the most of their data resources? Are citizens protected from the abuse of data? 

Sector by Sector

How does data re-use readiness and impact differ sector-by-sector?


Looking at the frameworks for of open data publication, data sharing and closed data in each county.

QualiTatIve reporting

Every measurement backed with qualitative evidence and links. 

Building on the Open Data Barometer, but going beyond

The first edition of the Global Data Barometer will provide a set of Open Data Barometer comparable indicators, allowing countries to benchmark their open data process from 2013 to today.

But the Global Data Barometer is much broader – looking at data collaboratives, use of algorithms, and the evolving landscape of data and development.

An open & collaborative process

We will be consulting on the study framework, building on prior work, and developing an advisory board to oversee the study, with the goal of publishing the first edition in the second half of 2021. 

Early 2020
Draft research framework & design workshop
Jul 20 – Feb 21
Study design & consultation
Jan – Mar 21
Recruiting & training global research team
Mar – Jun 21
Expert Survey & Review. Secondary data collection
Late 2021
Study analysis and report launch

An experienced team

We are building an international team to run the Global Data Barometer, convened by  Tim Davies, designer of the Open Data Barometer, and co-editor of The State of Open Data, and working in partnerships with the OD4D network, Open Government Partnership, and a network of data and transparency initiatives. 

Working with OD4D

The Open Data for Development network has been at the forefront of research into developmental impacts of open data. 

BEyond Open Data

We’re working with experts on data collaboratives, data for sustainable development and artificial intelligence applications of data.

A partnership project

Working with the Open Government Partnership, Land Portal, OpenOwnership and more. You can get involved too: get in touch. 

Get involved

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