The Global Data Barometer will provide a bi-annual global index tracking the data revolution. It will provide essential data to understand the state of data for development, open data implementation, data for AI, and data justice across the globe. Through a county-level expert survey, combined with carefully selected secondary data, it will provide actionable insights on: data readiness; data collection, sharing and openness (implementation); data use; and the impacts that are realised. 

Without good data, it is almost impossible to gain a comparative understanding of country and regional performance in engaging responsibly with the power of data. A comparative global index provides insights into where the opportunities and threats, and helps governments, civil society and business engage in dialogue about policy and practice reforms. Drill-down metrics that can show the policy frameworks, data availability, and uptake, in particular sectors, can help direct global advocacy and action, and act as a benchmark for policy makers and funders to track progress towards shared goals. 

The design of the Global Data Barometer will build on five editions of the successful Open Data Barometer (ODB) study, but will take a broader look at different approaches to data sharing and use, including giving additional attention to issues of privacy, gender and inclusion, and policies and data use related to emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies. It will provide a time series compatible with the ODB to respond to ongoing governmental demand for benchmarks to inform and monitor data policies, and it will provide full open quantitative and qualitative data to drive independent research. 

In addition to producing its own flagship report, the GDB will take an academically rigorous and user-centred design approach, to identify and capture key indicator data for other studies.

Development process

Discussions for the creation of the Global Data Barometer began at the Open Government Partnership global summit in Ottawa in May 2019.

With support from Canada’s International Development Research Centre, and the research team of the Open Government Partnership, initial design work is currently taking place, with a view to establishing the study in early 2020.

To find out more, or to get involved, contact the study lead, Tim Davies (